Sleep is crucial to your newborn’s development.

Every new and tired mom knows the feeling of a baby waking up when moving him from one area to another i.e. the shopping trolley, the car seat or the stroller.   Let baby fall asleep in his Lalaba and lay him down without any trouble.DSC_2424

After feeding make sure your baby has no more reflux and especially before rocking baby to sleep.

With your baby securely wrapped in the centre of his Lalaba, position yourself in a good standing or sitting posture. Use the handles and gently rock baby from side to side. Always make sure the handles are secure.

The Lalaba can also be used to swaddle your baby. Research has shown that babies like to be cosy and swaddled as it gives them a sense of security. Do this by tying the ribbons together.

You lift your baby many times during the day. Chances of waking a sleeping baby is very real and for some very daunting, especially if you just spent the last hour trying to get your baby to fall asleep. Don’t fear! – with sleeping baby in the Lalaba, it’s so easy! With the handles, pick up your baby and put him in his crib without trying to free your arms and hands from under his body.

Experts advise that you check on your baby regularly and create a sleep conducive environment.

I absolutely love this product. No more waking up a sleeping baby - Caffeine and Fairydust Blog


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