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Move your baby from one surface to another without strain.

Not only does this product help parents in lifting baby, but what about older grandparents or younger siblings? When grandparents are babysitting, the Lalaba helps them with lifting and moving baby, with so much ease, by not stooping down too low or adding additional pressure to legs, arms, hips and knees.

We do however recommend, according to world standards, that kids younger than twelve preferably not lift or carry babies.

Lift baby without stooping or bending down too low. Ensure that your baby is in the centre of the Lalaba. Bring the handles together over the middle of your baby’s body.

When the handles are secure and within your grip, lift baby gently towards you. Then bring him safely into your arms or place him in his car seat, pram or cot.

While lifting your baby, you will notice that when the handles are brought together, into the lifting position, that the design supports baby’s body. The padded hood prevents your baby’s head from sliding.

When laying baby down on the floor, the padded Lalaba automatically also becomes a play mat. Lalaba loves to cuddle your baby in softness!

NB  The baby cannot fall out as the padded hooded area holds the baby’s head in position. The area under the hood is also padded and supports your baby’s head and neck.  The left over blanket is folded over the baby’s feet at the bottom.  

Although the product is tested to hold up to 30kg, it is not for prolonged carrying but rather lifting and moving your baby from one area to another.

We received our Load Safety Certification from the highly acclaimed CME Lab.





I absolutely love this product. No more waking up a sleeping baby - Caffeine and Fairydust Blog


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