Instructions For Wrapping

 Your baby must face upwards at all times. Always place your baby safely on his back, in the middle of his bla
nkie. The top of baby’s head must be up against the arch of the hood. Fold the extra blankie at the bottom of his
 feet. Comfortably bring the left and right sides together, to the middle of your baby’s body. For security and comfort, when putting baby down to sleep, tie the ribbons at the handles. For smaller babies we recommend the hood to be folded over.


The baby cannot fall out as the padded hooded area holds the baby’s head in position. The area under the hood is also padded and supports your baby’s head and neck.  The left over blanket is folded over the baby’s feet at the bottom.  While lifting, your baby’s weight is distributed evenly.










I absolutely love this product. No more waking up a sleeping baby - Caffeine and Fairydust Blog


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