Forever carrying your car seat back and forth, well NO MORE!

Why do we do this – because you don’t want to wake your sleeping baby! As a result the Lalaba Blankie makes perfect sense. Simply lift your baby while cosy and asleep, at no time touching his little body. Refitting the car seat can also be strenuous for mom but using your Lalaba, to place baby in his car seat, is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Follow the wrapping instructions and safely take your baby to the car. With your baby in the Lalaba place him in his car seat. Open the Lalaba so that the car seat straps can be fitted securely over his body. In winter use the Lalaba again to cover your baby after the straps are fitted. Always make sure that it is not too warm for your baby.

We recommend that when baby is in a sitting position the hood be folded over and especially for younger babies.




























I absolutely love this product. No more waking up a sleeping baby - Caffeine and Fairydust Blog


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