Lalaba will be launching a national cute baby competition, running from middle May to 31 August 2016.  The winner will be announced in September in time for a spring photo shoot.

We are looking for a new baby to represent the Lalaba brand.  All babies from 0 – 6 months are eligible for entry.

How to enter:

Email 2 to 3 photos to  One of which must be with mom and baby.

We will post the pictures on our Facebook page on a daily and weekly basis.  

It could be your little one!!

Media Reviews & Feedback

Look out for the Lalaba Lifting Blankie with Handles in popular magazines coming out soon.

We will be adding many new pictures and reviews!

Remember to gently rock your baby before sleep in his Blankie.  It is proven to be fantastic for early brain development. 

Ever wonder why we have the impulse to rock babies to help them calm down?

Studies show that rocking, spinning and other physical movement through space helps children’s brain development and their ability to pay attention, by stimulating the brain and vestibular  system.

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Lalaba Blankie Media Coverage

The Lalaba Lifting Blankie was featured in:

Baba and Kleuter Magazine

Mamas and Papas Magazine

Living and Loving Magazine

Clicks Baby Club workshops 

Various Mommy and Baby Blogs

Ally Cohen’s 4aKid “Putting Child Safety First”

*Finalist in MomEntrepeneur South Africa 2008
*1st Runner-up in 702 Small Business Awards 2011
*Child Safety Advisor for Arrive Alive South Africa
*The Baby Club AND

Lalaba TeePee Pay Tent – Special Launch Offer


Order now in time for Christmas and receive the FLOOR MAT and BUNTING FLAGS for FREE during the month of September!

* Order Online @ or email
* Automatic Entry to WIN a R500 Lalaba Voucher till 30 Sept.
* Payment available over 3 months
* For Boys and Girls Ages 0-3 and 3-6yrs

Momma Health & Fitness Blog Review

Lalaba Blankie:

As a Mom to a newborn, there is nothing worse than having to wake your baby, especially in your sleep deprived state! They always tend to FINALLY fall asleep in the car on your way home from the shop, and by the time you move them, they have only slept for a couple of minutes. Lifting your baby up all of the time, can also put loads of unnecessary and unwanted strain on your back. Believe me, I know, and my bank account knows all about that!!! The amount of sessions spent at the chiropractor thanks to the awkward positions I have had to get into to lift my baby are uncountable.

Lalaba Carry Blankie is one of the most genius ideas that I honestly wish I could say I came up with myself. I wish I had known about it when Olly was born. They are suitable for 0-6 month old babies and Load Safety tested to hold up to 30kg’s. That being said, I had one of my friends try and test it with her little one.

The Lalaba Carry Blankie has handles, which means that your baby can be securely wrapped and swaddled so there’s no need for extra covers. They are 100% cotton. They can also be used as a breastfeeding cover. I had a natural birth and it was difficult enough for me to lift my newborn. So for the Moms who had a C Section, this would be a life saver for you!

Lalaba has stunning designs and patterns of their Carry Blankies. They are suitable for boys, girls and as a neutral gift for parents who may want to reuse it for a second or third or maybe even fourth baby. They are warm and phenomenal quality.

FREE Bottle and Burp Cloth till 5 June ’15

Order a padded Lalaba Blankie and receive the Bottle and Burp Cloth, valued at R120 for FREE.  

You have the option to match it with your Lalaba Blankie.

Offer valid till 5 June 2015.

Bottle cloth  2015-04-19_1217 

10 May Mother’s Day Gift

Receive a complimentary heart shaped dummy clip for any purchases before or on 10 May 2015.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!



Lalaba Towel Wrap Launch Offer

Purchase the Lalaba Towel Wrap at the SPECIAL price of R200.00.

The Lalaba Towel Wrap is great for:

* Lifting and moving your baby to and from the room and bathroom
* Ideal for post birth recovery
* No more getting wet
* Allows one arm to be free for lifting and moving
* Extended hooded area for more coverage from the head to the shoulders
* Towel is double layered cotton fibre for quick dry and absorption

Please see Facebook for more details:

LALABA – Where innovation and values meet.






I absolutely love this product. No more waking up a sleeping baby - Caffeine and Fairydust Blog


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