Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my Lalaba Blankie as a carrier or baby wearing solution?

The Blankie is NOT for prolonged carrying but rather LIFTING and transferring your baby from one area to another. This only takes a few moments. The padded hooded area keeps your baby’s head and neck in position. The face is always visible. The hood can also be folded backwards. The Lalaba blankie is rather a method of blanketing and lifting your baby and is not classified or should be not be used as a sling or carrier.

How does the Lalaba Lifting Blankie handle the weight of a growing baby?

The Lalaba Blankie can lift and hold 30kg.  It was tested by a SANAS accredited Lab and received a Load Safety Certificate from CME.

In 1980 the CME Metrology laboratory was recognized as one of the first in South Africa to provide traceable calibrations having obtained accreditation from then, the National Calibration Service (NCS). The laboratory was also selected to participate in the WECC M17 dimensional audit samples, the results of which, contributed to South Africa, the first country outside Europe, to achieve mutual recognition with Europe (MRA). To date, the laboratory is a private independent company operating under the SANAS umbrella in the fields of Dimensional, Force, Torque, Mass and Pressure and in accordance with ISO 17025.

CME Metrology is also an ISO 9001 registered company.

Chin to Chest

The build-in padding underneath the hooded area keeps you baby’s head in position. Lifting only takes a few moments. The padded hooded area supports the head and neck.

Head and Neck

The padded hooded area helps keep baby in position and supports the head and neck.

Can my baby slip out of the Blankie?

No. The padded hood of the Blankie prevents your baby from sliding. The left over material, at the bottom of your baby’s feet, is folded over.

The drawstring distributes the weight of the baby equally across the Blankie. It is recommended for babies 0 – 6 months.

How popular is this type of blanket?

This type of blanket is used all over the globe.  For centuries parents in New Guinea have been using this method of carrying, with the hood at the top and the handles on the sides.

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