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I absolutely love this product, and it comes in the most adorable and trendy prints!

I remember one of the biggest problems I had when Mikayla was a baby was that she would fall asleep in her car seat while we were driving and the moment we would take her out she would wake up… and good luck getting her back to sleep after that.
Fast forward four years of brilliant inventions and in steps the Lalaba!
Sleep is very important for my newborn, especially since he was a month premature. I just hate waking him up when moving him from place to place! If you let baby fall asleep in the Lalaba you can simply pick him up and move him from his/her car seat, shopping trolley, stroller, etc…

Birth Options Midwifery Team

We think that your blanket is fantastic, and we will certainly spread the word and make a link on our website.

Benescke Janse van Rensburg, presenter at Radio Tygerberg

The Lalaba Lifting Blankie is by far the best baby present!  I use it EVERY single day!  People everywhere love it and ask me about it constantly. Thank you!

Grandmother Anne Els

I bought they Lalaba blankie for my grandson who was born on the 11th of July. My daughter was so impressed with it that she bought one for her sister-in-law who is due next week.

She is really happy and now has even joined your FB page and asked me to like it as well.  I already have 5 grandchildren. But my goodness I do wish they were around 30years ago when I became a mommy.

As for your service, I can say it was the best service I have experienced in a very long while.

Tracy-Lee Jordaan

I am absolutely loving my Lalaba blankie and so is my little one. It has helped me get him to sleep in his cot and it makes his car chair more comfy on our trips.

My mom bought me a lalaba for my little boy. Once I started using it, I fell in love. My sister in law, who is also pregnant, saw it and also fell in love so I got her one for her baby girl. My mother in law also thinks its amazing and all of us will recommend it to all the new mommies we come across.

Luzanne Cornelissen-Le Roux

This is a very useful blankie for mommies-to-be out there, also a very nice baby shower gift! It made life easier taking my baby girl out of the car if I went to go fetch my boy at play school, also picking her up from her cot for those breastfeeding nights. Something I would definitely keep in mind with the next baby shower as a gift!

Louise Rautenbach

Die Lalaba Blankie is die BESTE ding ooit … eerlik ek kan dit HOOGS aan beveel vir enige mamma! Ek het nooit besef hoe handig en lekker die Blankie is nie tot ek ge-bless was met een. Baie baie dankie vir die mooi geskenk en dis ideal vir Namibia mammas!

Momma Health & Fitness Blog

As a Mom to a newborn, there is nothing worse than having to wake your baby, especially in your sleep deprived state! They always tend to FINALLY fall asleep in the car on your way home from the shop, and by the time you move them, they have only slept for a couple of minutes. Lifting your baby up all of the time, can also put loads of unnecessary and unwanted strain on your back. Believe me, I know, and my bank account knows all about that!!! The amount of sessions spent at the chiropractor thanks to the awkward positions I have had to get into to lift my baby are uncountable.

Lalaba Blankie is one of the most genius ideas that I honestly wish I could say I came up with myself. I wish I had known about it when Olly was born.  That being said, I had one of my friends try and test it with her little one.

The Lalaba Carry Blankie has handles, which means that your baby can be securely wrapped and swaddled so there’s no need for extra covers. They are 100% cotton. They can also be used as a breastfeeding cover. I had a natural birth and it was difficult enough for me to lift my newborn. So for the Moms who had a C Section, this would be a life saver for you!

Lalaba has stunning designs and patterns of their Carry Blankies. They are suitable for boys, girls and as a neutral gift for parents who may want to reuse it for a second or third or maybe even fourth baby. They are warm and phenomenal quality.

Esme David

I bought the Blankie for a friend of mine and below her comments: 

 The Lalaba Blankie is a great way to make your little one fall asleep when they are small. It’s perfect because you simply put the blankie down once they’re asleep and you don’t have to touch and interfere too much. It makes rocking the baby to sleep much easier. 

Roxy and Matt Norman

It is like a lifting purse for babies and so convenient to use. Our baby slept in it, right through the night and without any other blankets.

Shanerie Korff

Of all the prezzies I’ve received for my baby, this was definitely my favorite! I use it every singly day almost all the time. It’s simply so convenient to lift baby from a laying position into either his pram or car seat.

Leone and Nikki

The Lalaba is a great product. Our baby is almost six months now but we might just have another baby in order to use the Lalaba for a longer period of time. It makes life so easy. We love the colours and the design.

Roxanne Laubscher

After seeing the Lalaba lifting blankie at Mama Magic I searched to find out more. It was such a great idea specially knowing I was going in to have a c section it takes the strain off any heavy lifting or bending. Moving babies from car chair to cot or visa versa was now a breeze as they were undisturbed such an amazing product made from the softest material. I also have a hooded towel and 2 in 1 bottle holder with reverse side burping cloth. I absolutely love all my Lalaba products and would recommend them to all the Mommies out there!

Olivia and John

We love the Lalaba especially because it can be used as a breastfeeding cover too. We love the padded one as you don’t need any extra blankets because it’s already warm and cosy. It is so soft and with the extra padding we can put our little one on the floor and play with him.

Mom Christie

This is the best stork tea gift I’ve ever received!  Thanks to my clever friends!  Wish I had this for my other little bambinos.


This is a remarkable product. Lifting our grandchild in the Lalaba we now look forward to seeing him and the Lalaba. Wish there was a solution like this when we became parents for the first time.

Childcare Educator, Esmerelda

The Lalaba is the most convenient and practical baby product I’ve seen in a very, very long time. Wherever we take it we draw a crowd and everyone wants to find out more! A definite must for every stork party!

Melinda Combrinck Fourie

Ek is so happy met my Lalaba, en my poppie love dit. Travel orals saam met ons. My poppie so klein dat ons dit nog steeds kan gebruik op 7 maande. So bly dat julle so n great produk gemaak het. Love dit!

Santa van Rensburg

I had a c-section and experience a lot of discomfort when my mom suggested I look at the Lalaba site and Facebook page.  We immediately place an order and for the following few weeks this became my number 1 product!

Lydia Swart

My sister in-law and I both got our blankies as baby shower gifts.  It is great for going out because you don’t need any additional blankets and fantastic for lifting Juan out of the car when he fell asleep on the way back home. A must have baby blanket!

Lee-Ann Wilson

I cannot wait for our baby to arrive in April so that we can use our Lalaba Blankie. This is an an awesome concept and great gift!

Mom Helene

The Lalaba is so convenient for lifting.  Definitely improves our daily life and just makes everything so much easier.  A definite baby must have!

Atlantic Hope

The babies love their Lalaba Blankie and we use it throughout the home.  Love from us all.


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I absolutely love this product. No more waking up a sleeping baby - Caffeine and Fairydust Blog


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