Our Story

With so many different lifting and transfer baby products on the market we decided to combine and enhance the concept of both. The Lalaba is your all in one padded blankie. 

We met in 2003 and just clicked immediately. Supporting each other in all our endeavours, we knew that someday we would start something unique that will honour our friendship and families. 



marindaIt is my passion to be creative. Six years ago, after a long career in the corporate world, I decided to take the plunge and start a décor hiring company. I’m a proud mother of two older sons but two years ago I adopted a 5 month old baby girl. At the age of 45 I suffered with severe back pain and knew there must be a solution. With this the creative process started and Lalaba was born.

It is my dream to leave my daughter with an inheritance and so began the Pretty Cute baby dummy clip. The name is a combination of Lala and Ba. Lala my daughter’s way of saying it’s time for bed and Ba referring to her favorite dummy. When it came to choosing a name Lalaba was the obvious choice. 


claudineI’ve been in business development and the corporate world for the last twenty years and have been involved in many successful business start-ups, but nothing as interesting as this.

When my son’s father passed away, it became my sole passion to provide him with a loving, stable home and lasting legacy. My biggest heart’s desire was for him to turn into the young man he is today! From the day he was born, little did I know that the love and laughter in our home would exceed all my expectations and even birth a stronger entrepreneurial spirit.

An encourager by heart I love to nurture and motivate our future generation. I’m also a proud godmother to two adorable kiddies. Loving a good cuddle and believing in quality over quantity, Lalaba is the ideal product to take to the market.

I absolutely love this product. No more waking up a sleeping baby - Caffeine and Fairydust Blog


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